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Comprehensive Lock and Key System Services

Beyond simple rekeying, lock repair and replacements, All Locks Serviced, Electronic & Mechanical, from Rekeying/Reprogramming, Repair, to Install or Replacement. Professional Master Key Systems Sold & Serviced, along with Patented Key Control & High Security Keys and Locks.

Free Key System Consultation

If you are looking to upgrade your facilities locks or key systems, don’t overspend! There are only a few physical aspects involved to determine the best system and hardware for your project. From there it is just a matter of manufacturer and product line you wish to use. For a few minutes of your time (aprox half hour) we can sit down with a few simple training aid demos, to provide you with a real view and feel, of some of the best available lock and key systems on the market. Once you experience this, you will not only see the difference in products, but we will erase the “mystery” of master key systems. A no nonsense real world approach! If you are considering this type of project, this consultation is free at your site with no obligation to spend or purchase anything. Emergency lock service available.