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Maintaining the Functionality of Your Building’s Doors

Perimeter doors are a vital component to every building, from efficient patron throughput to physical security, as well as climate control including HVAC, Pests and restricted access. These systems are constantly cycling with each use. Along with normal wear there are environmental issues, such as weather, equipment impact, forklifts, hand trucks, shopping carts, etc… creating a need for regular maintenance. Inspections, adjustments, small repairs, to component replacement can provide you with better security efficiency and all around safety.


Keeping your door system operating smoothly and effectively is a year round task. If your door sticks, drags, slams, difficult to lock or unlock or has frame damage, or the threshold is worn smooth or lifting out of the floor. It is a good time to schedule service before it becomes and emergency.


Hollow metal doors, also called metal or steel doors, can be found in most buildings. They are usually used in fire exits and as receiving doors. If your metal doors are becoming hard to lock or are sticking often, don’t wait too long to call for service


While they look like the automatic doors you see in supermarkets, low energy doors are actually very different. They do not require sensors to be code-compliant, and wall-mounted or hand-held remotes are all that are needed. Because they open and close slowly, they’re ideal for facilities with low foot traffic. In addition, low energy doors are suitable for environments with older adults, persons with disabilities, and individuals with limited mobility. They can also be tied into any access control system—your customer or client can simply approach the door, wave a credential, and the door will electrically unlock. For your convenience, inspection, sales and service always available.


Sliding doors are the Cadillac of doors for cost effective, reliable, traffic flow. There is no impact hazard from wind or slamming as you would see from swing doors. With proper service and maintenance a door can last over 30 years, as this photo is of a functioning medical center in Waterbury Connecticut.


Revolving doors aren’t just stylish—they also offer exceptional security, climate, and traffic control. In addition, they can help prevent piggybacking so that not a single person gets into your facility without the proper credentials. For maintenance and system upgrades don’t hesitate to call.


Hardware on your door as a designated function, from hinges & pivots to any type of lock, access control system, door closing device, weather seals, thresholds, railings, exit devices, (pushbars). Hardware requires precision installation and takes a beating so it needs occasional realignment, adjustment, repair & general upkeep. Don’t ignore small symptoms and end up with an emergency or security issue.

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